Welcome to our site!  We are always seeking adventure, looking to learn new skills, have fun and make friends along the way!

A homepage section

We will be adding stories as we travel through life, so come along for the ride, it’ll be fun …they said!


We are the Barlow’s. In our family perfection is acceptable. For example, when the kids got straight As, we said “Good Job, that is acceptable.” (Well, we would have, if they had ever gotten straight As!) . For all of life’s other times when really good moments happened, we say “Now THAT is barely acceptable!” Which is a very good thing.


In the Beginning

Once upon a time, we met some friends who liked to go kayaking.  So we bought some Hobie Adventure Islands. We paddled, we peddled, we sailed, what fun we had! Then after some time, we bought our first boat. It was old, but was inexpensive and we figured that we could use it to explore …


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